669 and counting…

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Did you know that Van Damme kills a person in his movies every 8.5 minutes? It should be faster, Scott Adkins must have been thinking… He kills a person every 6.7 minutes! Together they killed already 669 persons in their movies. Find the details on our page “VanDammage 2.0.”  

Under Construction…

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And again updating the site layout. The old site did not offer us enough flexibility in creating picture galleries in a proper way. And that’s one of our most important ares on this site.  We move over to WordPress. This offers us more flexibility to grow into the most amazing fansite you ever saw. Meanwhile you can look […]

Hard Target Pictures

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Recently was announced that Scott Adkins is going to star in Hard Target 2.  A sequel on  Van Damme’s classic ‘Hard Target’, one of his best films ever! So now it’s a good time to go back into history, and adding the ‘Hard Target’ gallery to our site with over 100 Van Damme pictures! Enjoy!